Qatar non-oil exports jump to reach QR2.2bn in April

Saleh bin Hamad al-Sharqi

Qatar has recorded a 68% month-on-month jump in non-oil exports to reach QR2.2bn in April 2018, and a 71% increase year-on-year, according to Qatar Chamber’s latest report. The Chamber’s Research and Studies Department and Member Affairs Department reported that a total of 3,068 certificates of origin were issued in April 2018, including 2,812 general form certificates, 99 unified GCC certificates (industrial), 129 unified Arab certificates of origin, and 28 certificates of origin for preference.

Qatar Chamber director general Saleh bin Hamad al-Sharqi said the 71% y-o-y surge in non-oil exports indicates development in the sector, “which has been growing at an accelerated pace” since the beginning of 2018 due to the efforts and facilities provided to the industrial sector. Al-Shaqi said growth in non-oil exports was the result of the increasing demand for Qatari products, “which is characterised by quality and conformity” to all international specifications, thus strengthening confidence in Qatari products in the global markets. He noted that the volume of exports in April “is a real indicator that confirms the efforts of the state” in the development of the industry sector and increasing the capacity and efficiency of its productive institutions “despite the surrounding circumstances.”

Al-Sharqi said the recorded increase in April shows that Qatar’s non-oil exports were not affected by the unjust siege. “The coming period will witness a further boom in this activity after industrial facilities, currently under construction, enter the production stage,” al-Sharqi said. According to the report, Qatar exported goods and services to 59 countries in April compared to 56 countries in March.  The importers included 11 Arab countries and the GCC; 14 from Europe, including Turkey; 16 from Asia, excluding Arab countries; 15 from Africa; excluding Arab countries; two countries from North and South Americas, and Australia. The number of importers in April increased by three countries compared to March 2018.

The report said the Netherlands was Qatar’s top non-oil exports destination in April, accounting for QR531.6mn, or 23.4% of the total exports. It was followed by Oman with QR452mn, or 19.9%, and Hong Kong with QR251mn, or 11.1%. This was followed by India with QR129mn, or 5.7%; the US with QR123mn, or 5.4%; Bangladesh; Germany; Turkey; Singapore, and China. As an economic bloc, European countries were top destinations for Qatari exports, amounting to 32.6% of the total exports with QR740mn. Asian countries, excluding Arab countries, recorded 32.3% of the total value or QR732mn. Oman and Kuwait imported QR506.6mn worth of goods or 22.31% of the total non-oil exports. North American countries received QR143mn, or 6.3% of the total value, while Arab countries imported QR 83.11mn worth of goods, or 3.7%. African countries received QR37.17mn followed by Australia with QR27.74mn.


Sources and photo-credits: Gulf Times