Qatar registered book ‘’The Secret World of Energy’’ remains 3years best-seller

”The Secret World of Energy” by Dr. Theodore Theodoropoulos remains the top world-energy book for the last 3 years (based on reports). 

The book brings the first official ISBN 10: 9992191406, code from Qatari Ministry of Education and is distributed worldwide by Virgin Publishing House, Megastores, McGraw-Hill education, Jarir bookstores and Jashanmal Bookstores. Additionally the book is teaching reference in Qatar University, Singapore Business College, American University of Beirut, MIT Business, London School of Economics, Harvard Business School (HBS), Tokyo Business School, University of Shanghai, Athens Panteion University, Economic University of Athens, London Shipping School, University of Hull, Manchester University.

Dr. Theodore Theodoropoulos is the author of several acclaimed books: “Oil, Gas &Petrochemicals’’, ‘’The Secret Word of Energy”, “Stock Exchange Investments”, “Euro: The Big Challenge”, “Capital Markets Strategy & IPO’s”, including the international papers and articles:”Induced Innovation and Energy Prices”, “Pricing and Mergers: A Portfolio Approach”, “The Four Dimensions of Economic Integration”, “Financial Development & Investment Market Integration”, “The Modern Theory of an Economic Union”,”The DCF Investment Model for Venture Capitals”. His book “Stock Exchange Investments” 1999, was one of the top-three most influential economic books in Europe.

*QGN – Source from BBC Energy News, Nov.2018.

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