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Qatar’s structured cabling infrastructure is driving service excellence and opening new possibilities for the country’s hospitality industry, a press statement issued by Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M) said yesterday. R&M is a developer and manufacturer of passive cabling solutions business for communication networks.

“Few sectors must lay as much emphasis on customer satisfaction and service excellence as the hospitality industry. In today’s age, customer loyalty is hard to come by and being the hotel of choice may well boil down to a good review on a travel website,” said the statement.

According to a recent research report released by global travel market research firm PhoCusWright co-sponsored by Amadeus, Internet penetration in Qatar stands at 82 percent, mobile penetration is among the highest in the world at 182 percent and smartphone penetration is at 75 percent, which is why it comes as little surprise that in the Qatari hospitality industry, providing a high-speed Internet service is an essential prerequisite to customer satisfaction.

Social media is now as much a part of the vacation experience as a sightseeing tour or an authentic local meal. Holiday makers are eager to share real-time updates of their vacation with their near and dear ones. So much so that the SpringHill Suites Annual Travel Survey revealed that an astonishing 57 percent of guests would not give up social media on vacation in exchange for a 25 percent hotel discount.

Head of Technical Operations at R&M Middle East, Turkey & Africa, Shibu Vahid said: “In a world of increasingly tech-savvy consumers, high-speed Internet connectivity becomes the link to information that is demanded at a moment’s notice. The technology that supports this is now as much a part of the service equation as a well-trained housekeeping staff. Building the backbone that will not only support the current demands but also generate new opportunities to deliver differentiating services is therefore a must. Once this is understood, the role of structured cabling in the hospitality sector becomes evident.”

A quality cabling infrastructure is the technological foundation of excellent service in a hospitality property. Furthermore, the benefits of a solid structured cabling backbone extend well beyond providing just fast and reliable Internet access. It opens up the possibility to incorporate new bandwidth hungry technologies such as IP based phones, digital entertainment and on-demand services and even backend facility management and building management systems. These applications require large amounts of bandwidth to be made available at all locations of the hotels over a very reliable connection. With confidence in the system’s ability to scale and accommodate rapid changes, hotels can quickly differentiate itself as an early adopter of world-class technologies.

Reported by: Caye Global News, The Peninsula


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