QATAR will generate 2% of its total power output from renewable sources by 2020 …

Doha / QATAR: Qatar has undertaken to generate 2% of its total power output from renewable sources by 2020 as the development of alternative energy presents new opportunities for the country, offering the potential for renewable, low-carbon energy sources, new economic demand, and reduced emissions.


Energy Mix in QATAR by 2020: Sun, Wind, Water

Solar represents Qatar’s strongest opportunities for alternative energy, with a number of solar plants under development.

“Qatar has undertaken to generate 2% of its total power from renewable sources by 2020 – a commitment made by HH the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani during his speech at the closing of COP18. In addition, Qatar signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to support the development of renewable energy within Qatar,” according to Qatar Energy & Industry Sector Sustainability Report 2012.

As an example of investment for renewable energy, polysilicon, a critical component of solar power cells, will now be produced in Qatar following an agreement between Kahramaa and Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) for a $1bn polysilicon production facility in Ras Laffan.

Once operational, this factory will support the growth of solar power and technologies in Qatar, creating new economic opportunities.

In response to the new impetus behind alternative energy, a significant increase in renewable energy projects occurred in 2012.

New projects include Nebras Power energy venture between Qatar Electricity and Water Company, Qatar Petroleum International and Qatar Holding, which will invest $1bn in renewable energy across the globe, a solar test facility at the Qatar Science and Technology Park that will invest $20mn towards development of solar technologies in Qatar, and a 200MW solar park led by Kahramaa, which will generate solar energy by 2020.

Energy Sector employees total 34,710

Qataris form 24.6%

Qatar’s Energy and Industry sector directly employed some 34,710 people in 2012 of whom Qataris constituted 24.6%, a report has shown.

The workforce is diverse, made up of nationalities from across the globe, said the sector’s Sustainability Report 2012.


H.E. Minister of Energy & Industry Dr. Al Sada with the CEO of RASGAS, Mr. Hamad Rashid Al Mohannadi

The sector’s ambitious growth projections for the future mean that expatriate labour will be required to meet demand. While continuing to recruit highly qualified expatriate workers, companies are balancing these efforts by developing the pool of Qatar’s own human resources.

The Strategic Qatarisation Plan (SQP) has set the goal of 50% Qatarisation and focuses on building a capable Qatari workforce to support the sector, the report said. This year, some 34 companies reported data on their workforce size and composition, with 31 providing comparable data for 2011 and 2012. In total, the sector employed 34,710 full-time employees in 2012.

The 31 companies with comparable data showed an increase in workforce of 596 employees or 1.9%. The workforce includes individuals from more than 30 countries. The oil and gas (E&P) subsector accounts for the largest portion of the sector’s workforce, representing nearly 40% of full-time employees in 2012. If employees in the LNG and natural gas operations are included, that percentage rises to 60%.

Employees in petrochemicals and mining, minerals and other sectors make up 25% of the total workforce, with refining, the power and utilities, the transport, storage and distribution and the support services subsector making up the final 15%.

Among the 31 companies with comparable data, full-time employees increased by 2%.

Sources: The Peninsula, Gulf Times, Caye Global News


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