Qatari rids camel to Burger King drive-thru… watch the video Clip

A video created by a Qatari comedian of him ordering a meal at a Burger King while riding a camel has gone viral and received close to 100,000 views on Youtube.

The clip was produced by local production company Red Monkey and was uploaded last week to the Youtube website by local comedian Hamad Al Amari, who stars in the video.

“I just finally got the chance to do it,” he told Doha News. “I knew that this was something the world would laugh at, not just Qataris or people living in Qatar.”

“The lady manning the drive thru was most surprised to be confronted by a man on a camel requesting a ‘cheeseburger.’ She called for her manager who provided the cheese burger whilst giggling. The manager also took a few pictures for his friends on Facebook and wished the camel and his man a good day,” he added.

The video has so far received more than 96,000 hits.