QATAR’s construction sector is set to see a record demand of primary building materials in the coming few years …

Doha / QATAR: Qatar’s construction sector is set to see a record demand of primary building materials in the coming few years.  In the run up to the 2022 World Cup event, the highest projected demand would be limestone, gabbro and spoil removal & disposal (SR&D). The demand for these materials would reach a record peak during 2014-2016.



For the period 2012-2022, limestone was the category of material with the highest demand, 515 million tonnes, followed by  Gabbro, 264 million tonnes. The spoil removal & disposal demand is expected to reach 166 million tonnes during the period, a survey conducted by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics  with the support of Ministry of Business and Trade revealed yesterday.

The “survey for the future demand of primary building materials’ covered all the key developers engaged in mega projects in Qatar.

With such a huge projected demand for construction materials, market forces expect strong intervention by the government to check any possible hike in the prices. Should the prices of the primary materials go up, it might also lead to the enhancement of project values, they cautioned.

“For instance, a large quantity of gabbro is coming from Dubai. Its prices have already gone up by 20 percent over the past few years. With the picking up of more projects, the prices will further go up”, a leading supplier told The Peninsula yesterday.

Meanwhile, Qatar Primary Materials Company (QPMC) yesterday signed a contract aimed at boosting its discharge capacity at the gabbro berths in Mesaieed.

The survey projected a record demand for primary building materials during 2014-2015 period. The demand for SR&D  is expected to increase by 169 percent in 2014, and 13 percent in 2015.  The demand for gabbro showed an increase of 145 percent in 2014, and 86 percent in 2015. The demand of Bitumen is set to increase by 139 percent.

The demand for limestone will go up by 131 percent, and 127 percent in 2015. The demand for cement showed an increase of 121 percent in 2014, and 108 percent in 2015. The demand for washed sand will go up by 108 percent in 2014 and  106 percent in 2015. The declared demand of primary building materials showed a peak in 2014-2016. Considering the period of 2013-2018, the demand for 2014-2016 represents 85 percent of SR&D, 83 percent of cement, 82 percent of Asphalt, 80 percent of Bitumen, 79 percent of Gabbro and 78 percent of Limestone.

According to the declared demand of primary building materials by type of project for 2012-2022, highways, streets and roads showed the highest figure comprising 93 percent of the total demand of asphalt, 71 percent of the total demand of bitumen, 68 percent of the total demand of gabbro and 54 percent of the total demand of limestone.

The projected demand of the building materials until during 2013-2017 shows 57 million tonnes of cement, 101 million tonnes of washed sands, 364 million tonnes of gabbro, 514 million tones of limestone, 10m tones of bitumen, 36 million tonnes of ready-mix concrete, 166 million tonnes of spoil removal & disposal, 46 million tonnes of asphalt and 9.2 million tonnes of precast concrete.

The Public Works Authority’s (Ashghal) selected projects alone will need estimated 495 million tonnes of limestone during the 2012-22 period. Ashghal’s demand for gabbro would reach 156 million tones during the period. Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation’s (Kharamaa)  selected projects need 2.47 million tonnes of gabbro during the period.

Sources: The Peninsula, Gulf Times, Caye Global News


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