Qatar’s Ministry of Interior Launches Video Conferencing Service for Family Visa…

The General Directorate of Nationality, Borders and Expatriate Affairs launched the service of Video Conferencing Interview with Recruitment Committee –the committee which approves family residence visa applications- in the headquarters of General Directorate from Mesaimeer Service Centre, whereas the applicants for family visa need not to attend the Recruitment Committee in headquarters of the General Directorate for the final approval of the application, instead they can meet with the Committee from Mesaimeer service centre through video conferencing.

This service comes as part of ongoing developments in aspects of electronic services rendered by Ministry of Interior in order to facilitate the public to access the services very easily from their localities. The new service at Mesaimeer is introduced as a first stage and it will be implemented in all other service centers of the Ministry later.

Brig. Abdullah Salim Al Ali, the Director General of General Directorate of Nationality, Borders and Expatriate Affairs said that this service came as an accomplishment to the stages of technological development, which aims to save time and effort to the beneficiaries, where the service users can finish their transactions through video conferencing interview from the same place where he submitted his application.

He explained that the service comes within the framework of implementing the strategy of Ministry of Interior in providing excellent online services to the customers, pointing out that the Ministry is seeking to build an integrated electronic system for all services provided to citizens and residents, where they can now complete transactions any of the service centres nearer to their localities.

MOI Qatar Video Conferencing Service

The service is provided through a live broadcast from a special room arranged for interviews at Service Center where the screen is connected to the Recruitment Committee at the headquarters of the General Directorate. The committee can seek all required documents that need to be clarified from the applicant directly.