Qatar’s producer price index (PPI) rises 1.6% .

Higher prices for crude, natural gas, basic chemicals, refined petroleum goods and utilities led Qatar’s producer price index (PPI) to rise 1.6% year-on-year (y-o-y) in the third quarter (Q3) of 2013, according to official figures.

The PPI for the industrial sector, which is calculated using the average of 2006 prices as base, gained 1.4% from the second quarter of 2013, the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics said, releasing the figures.

The increase in PPI, which measures average changes in prices received by domestic producers for their output, was fastest in the manufacturing, followed by electricity and water and mining in y-o-y.

On a quarter-to-quarter (q-o-q) basis, the indices of both manufacturing and mining witnessed increases while that of utilities fell.

The PPI for mining, which carries the maximum weight of 77% in the basket, gained 1.6% y-o-y in Q3, 2013 mainly due to a 1.4% surge in the price of crude petroleum and gas. Stone, sand and clay prices rose 1.8%.

The mining index was up 1.4% compared to the second quarter 2013 mainly on a similar rise in the price of crude petroleum and gas.

The manufacturing sector, with a weight of 21% in the PPI basket, reported 3.1% gain y-o-y in Q3 2013 on a 5.6% jump in the prices of basic chemicals, 4.4% in refined petroleum products and 0.1% in glass and glass products.

However, basic metals prices shrank 8.8%, dairy products (1.7%), grain mill products (0.9%) and beverages (0.4%).

The manufacturing sector saw its group index rise 2.4% q-o-q in Q3 this year as there was a 3.6% rise in the price of basic chemicals, 2.4% in refined petroleum products, 1% in basic metals and 0.2% in beverages; while that of dairy products fell 1% and glass and glass products 0.6%.

The electricity and water group, which has a 2% weight in the PPI basket, saw its index expand 2.7% y-o-y in Q3 2013 on a 2.8% and 2.7% surge in the prices of electricity and water.

The index witnessed a 1.2% fall q-o-q in Q3 this year because of 1.2% shrinkage in the index of electricity. But the index water was up 0.1%.

Between August and July this year, the overall PPI saw a 1.6% rise as a result of 1.7% hike each in mining and manufacturing sectors; while there was a 0.1% fall in the index of utilities.

Between September and August 2013, the overall PPI grew 1.7% owing to a 2.6% rise in the index of utilities, 1.7% in mining and 1.3% in manufacturing.

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