Qatar’s wisdom wins hearts of international community

Qatar’s wisdom wins hearts of international community’. The wisdom of Qatar and its wise leadership in dealing with the diplomatic crisis has been winning the hearts of people around the world, Qatari businessman Farhan al-Sayed has told Gulf Times.

“Qatar has always been open for dialogue with its neighbouring Gulf states to resolve the issue diplomatically, a move that many countries are supporting,” he said. The US, UK, European Union and Turkey, among others, have been pushing for de-escalation of the tension in the Gulf, according to news reports.


Qatar’s foreign ministry earlier stressed that it regretted the measures by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain in severing diplomatic relations with the country, calling the decisions ‘unjustified’. Despite the economic blockade imposed by the Saudi-led group, al-Sayed says Qatar has remained discerning and cautious in their way of addressing the boycott. The Qatari government has stressed the importance of dialogue in resolving the crisis, he points out. Further, al-Sayed said while Qataris have been banned from entering Saudi, Bahrain and the UAE, the Qatar government continues to welcome GCC nationals to the country.

“At the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters who must understand each other’s differences, and they are all welcome to come to Qatar,” he stressed. The businessman also reiterated that families in the region are intertwined and related to each other through marriage, friendship, business, etc. He noted that people in various countries around the world like to see and hear messages of peace and love rather than hate, which Qatar has been espousing since the beginning.

“In fact, Qatar opened its doors to the world and made friends with several countries globally, working closely with them in various fields of co-operation such as trade, culture education, health, science and technology, as well as the fight against terrorism, among others,” al-Sayed said. With the wise leadership of His Highness the Emir and “the love for our brothers and sisters in the Gulf”, he expressed confidence that everything would normalise soon and the crisis would end.

“We in the region all feel the same way; if you ask people and families here and in other Gulf countries, they will tell you ‘we don’t have any problems with each other so want to stay united, we only want peace,’” al-Sayed said.