QC’s project benefits 1,100 Syrian students

Qatar Charity (QC) yesterday said that 1,100 Syrian students have benefited from its education project in the Beqaa region of Lebanon. Launched in 2016, the project is one of the successful educational initiatives carried out by QC for the Syrian families in refugee countries to ensure an opportunity for school achievement. The idea of the project came due to the presence of 56,000 Syrian students in the region, who do not have the opportunity to enroll in school.


Throughout the academic year, the students received regular education in eight subjects being mathematics, science, Arabic language, history and geography, physics and chemistry, Islamic religion with a focus on the English language. While students at the primary level received the Syrian curriculum combined with the Lebanese curriculum. The project provided psychological support to the students through entertainment and sports programmes, in addition to providing guaranteed income to nearly 50 Syrian teachers who taught the students.