QENERGY negotiates a substantial medium-term LNG agreement in Europe…

QENERGY, which focuses on the supply and management of liquefied natural gas (LNG), is currently negotiating a medium-term supply agreement in Europe, with many potentials for the security of supply in the whole European energy market.

LNG imports into Europe are transported via standard size vessels from the liquefaction plants up to the LNG regasification terminal terminals, establishing a reliable medium of cooperation for the imports of LNG from the LNG source countries to the European region and Turkish natural gas markets.

QE can supply LNG under both short market (short-term) and long (long-term) supply contract from the world largest LNG producers as well as on LNG supplies from the market by major suppliers/traders and middle stream gas companies operating in the Mediterranean and the International LNG Market, as a partner of Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Company Limited (3), State of Qatar, the world’s premier integrated LNG producer.

Additionally, QE Europe is Partner with the state-owned national oil company of the State of Qatar. Qatar Petroleum International (Qatar Petroleum Group) was established to promote and advance the interest of the Qatar Petroleum in the global energy arena of upstream, downstream, and gas and power. Qatar is the world largest producer of LNG. Today, half of the world’s LNG production derives from RasGas and QatarGas, with a large investment program set to increase their production in the next 3 years.

The two producing companies are selling LNG in the global Natural Gas Market place (Asia-Pacific, Europe and America). Their productive capacity in equivalent natural gas (NG) volumes is as follows: 62 billion cubic meters NG in 2019, 106 billion cubic meters NG in 2014, 130 billion cubic meters NG in 2020. Qatar is the second largest gas producer in the world after Russia (Gazprom) and the first largest producer of LNG. Qatar participates actively in the World LNG Market Development, which has an annual growth rate for the period 2007-2014 of about 13%.

RasGas is a leading employer of Qatari nationals and people from more than 59 countries. Beyond its own workforce RasGas regards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as integral to its business and has developed a strong and proactive CSR programme, whose four cornerstones – community, education, environment and health – are aligned to the Qatar National Vision 2030. The RasGas programme strengthens the company’s connection with Qatari society and provides a structured framework for its corporate citizenship activities.