QFARM becomes leader in food industry

QFARM is the brand of high quality farms and agri products across Mediterranean and SOUTH EASTERN Europe. A pre-eminent food company committed to generating value in food and agriculture assets, ensuring greater sustainability of production,applying new technologies with top priorities operating efficiency, profitability and the most precious healthy products.QFarms will establish a large portfolio of sustainable food business with an effective Management Team and the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.

QFarm and QFood start exporting products acrooss Qatar and the rest of Middle East, with many potentials of establishing local production in Doha, industrial area (see the model of the offices in Athens in order to cover all future needs of the company). A 6-storey building to host all services management and control of the company’s production, storage, packaging, marketing, logistics and shipping.

One of the today’s greatest challenges is to guarantee food security for the growing population whilst also ensuring greater sustainability of food productivity, trade and consumption. Agriculture has made many technological advances, increasing its level of productivity and thus creating wealth in rural areas. Today, QF is evaluating the challenges in food business and its aim is to become the top brand of high quality farms and agriculture with the most precious Mediterranean healthy products such as poultry, fish, wheat, vegetables, red meat, sugar, olive oil, honey, cheese, raisin and dry fruits.

QFarms holds the largest portfolio of sustainable food business across SE Europe


The offices can host all services of management, business development, policy formulation and market reform, coordination of production, marketing, technology and research, food and agriculture technology. QFARM PORTFOLIO: Poultry Farms, Fish Farms, Wheat Farms, Vegetable Farms, Queen – QF Royal Farms, Red Meat, Olive Oil, Honey, Citrus Products, Dry Fruits, Raisins.

Olive oil is one of the most precious products in Greece with high quality standards and specifications. The olive tree had a sacred place amongst other plants in ancient Greece and all athletes who won an Olympic title were crowned with an olive twig. Additionally, the olive oil was probably the first branded agricultural product in ancient world and the olive tree was the tree of peace. Today, over 600,000 families earn their living from olive oil production, producing 300,000 tons annually which averages almost 18% of the world’s production. QFarm production can reach to 60,000 tons per annum by 2016, that will constitute the tomorrow’s leader of Greek olive oil industry.

QFARMS – the largest and modern food factory across SE Europe. A 6-storey building to host all services management and control of the company’s production, storage, packaging, marketing, logistics and shipping

OLIVE OIL PRODUCTION PROCESS: QFood olive oil production is made with an exceptional care, respecting production times. To make this exceptional olive oil we can follow the method we are going to describe below. This is the most modern to make olive oil. With this method olives have to be grinded the same day they are harvested, otherwise, as olives have vegetal water, this ferments and olive oil oxidizes. It is necessary to indicate that the olives storage time spoils notably the quality of the final product.

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