QFC about to provide a world-class legal regime in Qatar

“The final version of the code will be implemented soon and we are confident it will help provide a world-class legal regime in Qatar,” QFC Authority chief legal officer Nasser al-Taweel said.
He disclosed the features of the proposed QFC Legal Services Code of Conduct at a round-table discussion with local and international law firms.

*Al-Taweel: A world-class legal regime.

The proposed code focuses on ensuring that QFC-licensed law firms and the lawyers they employ operate in accordance with a common set of standards and principles that seek to maintain the highest standards of excellence in legal practice.
“At the QFC, we take pride in ensuring that we implement and maintain a level of consistency in the competence and conduct of QFC law firms and lawyers. We are happy to say we received feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders that was very positive,” al-Taweel said.
The QFC’s international award winning legal department provides a comprehensive set of in-house legal services and is at the centre of the strategic development, enhancement and advocacy of the QFC’s legal environment.
The QFC’s legal environment provides an internationally recognised platform for leading Qatari and international companies to expand in Qatar or overseas from the QFC. This in turn supports Qatar’s economic development and diversification efforts and contributes to knowledge and expertise sharing in Qatar and beyond.


Sources: Gulf Times, Bloomberg, QGN