QFCA ‘Empowering Women in Business’ event a big success

The Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA) recently held its first ladies networking event entitled “Empowering Women in Business”, attended by more than 100 female professionals from businesses across Qatar. A panel of top female business speakers included Sheikha Alanoud bint Hamad al-Thani, Managing Director, Business Development, QFCA, who spoke about her experiences about being an entrepreneur in Qatar and how to rise above challenges to be successful.


The Qatar Financial Centre Authority’s ‘Empowering Women in Business’ session in progress.

Dr Hessa al-Jaber, chairperson of Droobi Health and Eshailsat and the former Minister of Information and Communications Technology spoke about the changing face of news and media and how to watch out for fake news, an issue that continues to rise as the world becomes digital. Aysha al-Mudahka, chief executive of Qatar Business Incubation Centre (QBIC) outlined about how QBIC has helped play a hand in giving opportunities to local Qatari entrepreneurs who have a business idea and need help launching it. “When women entrepreneurs take risks and succeed; societies change for the better,” Sheikha Alanoud said.

Finding that it becomes easier to accept the idea of a woman as a family’s breadwinner, the head of a household, a community leader, or a CEO of a company; she said “Because when women entrepreneurs thrive, economies grow.” “In Qatar we have raised and are raising, a generation of daughters who in are ready to step up and change the world, who are highly educated, highly motivated, future-oriented, smart, hard-working, outward-looking women,” according to al-Mudahka.

Munera al-Dosari, co-founder of Girnaas games and the co-founder of Magaza and Airlift, said women bring different perspectives and approaches to business, resulting in a more inclusive workplace. “No matter what gender or background, everybody should have equal opportunity to make their mark in business,” she said. The event had been organised in partnership with Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, which is internationally recognised and celebrated globally every year on 19 November. Global ambassadors and educational institutions from around the world represent the day by hosting events and conferences worldwide in the lead up to the day, with the QFC also taking part.

Sources and photo-credit: Gulf Times