QGMD, Al-Jazira Healthcare group sign agreement for manufacturing medical devices

Qatari German

Al-Hajiri and al-Khulaifi at the agreement signing

Qatari German Company for Medical Devices (QGMD) and Al-Jazira Healthcare group have signed an agreement for manufacture of medical devices “to be used in Qatar and to meet the needs of the local market”. This initiative is in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims at achieving self-sufficiency in this sector. The agreement was signed by Saleh Majid al-Khulaifi, board member, Qatari German Medical Devices, and Mohamed al-Hajiri, chief executive officer, Al-Jazira Healthcare group. 

In order to save time and cost in supporting the Qatari product, and to develop synergy between the companies producing medical supplies, it was agreed that Qatari German Medical Devices (QGMD) will be the main company to sterilise all the products of Al-Jazira Healthcare group. QGMD has technical capabilities to provide various sterilisation methods and devices such as Ethylene Oxide Steriliser (ETO Gas) with a capacity of up to 30 cubic metres, in addition to steam sterilisers with capabilities to meet the needs of medical supplies in Qatar.

All sterilisation tests are conducted inside the factory to ensure that the sterilisation process has been done successfully using the most recent methods and international standard. Qatari German Medical Devices has a fully qualified team with high expertise in the field of medical manufacturing. Since inception in 2007, QGMD has been manufacturing all sorts of syringes and needles, and the sterilisation process is one of the company’s steps in manufacturing medical products.

Sources and photo-credits: Gulf Times