ROTA Renovates House of a Needy Family in Qatar…

102 Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) volunteers, who took part in ROTA’s eight-day house renovation project in Sailiyah, under the “Reach into Qatar” project, have made a real difference in the life of one beneficiary family, whose house got a complete makeover and renovation.

Supported by Msheireb Properties, “Reach into Qatar” aims to extend community development assistance to underprivileged families living outside Doha.

The house of the first beneficiary underwent a full makeover with the help of the volunteers, who worked tirelessly from May 24 to May 31 to finish the renovation. During the eight-day initiative, ROTA female helpers mainly cleaned, scraped and repaired the walls. Following the restoration work, the volunteers assembled and installed new furniture on completion of the renovation work.

“We are thrilled to witness the successful renovation of one family home in Sailiyah by our female volunteers. By accomplishing this feat, these girls of Qatar have proved they can do something for others. By renovating the house, these volunteers have made a tangible and sustainable impact on the quality of life of a less fortunate family in the community,” said National Programmes director Mohamed Saleh.

In the first pilot year of the project, ‘Reach Into Qatar’, will focus on providing quarterly house renovations for families in need in communities across Qatar. ROTA is also working alongside Qatar Foundation’s Facilities Management Directorate, who provides maintenance support for each renovation.

ROTA volunteer participating in the house renovation at Sailiya -3-

Highlighting their appreciation of the volunteer’s activity, Mr. Fahad Al Buenain Senior Manager Communication and Public Relations for Msheireb Properties, said: “ We are excited to be part of this program and would like to thank the team at ROTA for allowing us to partner on this unique community development initiative. At Msheireb Properties, we are committed to restoring the landscape around us and improving the overall quality of life for individuals and communities. This project underlines the importance of caring for our communities, both human and nature, and collectively brining about positive change that supports the overall development of Qatar. We would like to congratulate ROTA for such gratifying work and applaud the very enthusiastic and devoted volunteers who came together to bring a smile to the faces of the less fortunate and provide them with a safe and comfortable environment they can call home.”

While the majority of ROTA’s international work focuses on countries around Asia and the Middle East, this project was developed by ROTA’s National Program Department to specifically extend assistance to communities within Qatar but outside of Doha.

Expressing satisfaction with her volunteering work, Al Reem Al Malki said, “We volunteered with true intentions of helping this family through making their house a better place to live in. We worked hard, but seeing the end results is priceless. During this project, I got to meet other like-minded girls who also believe in volunteering; we had a unique objective to get this project done on time and deliver a fully furnished renovated house.”

Reach Into Qatar project is a true manifestation of ROTA’s social responsibility and willingness to strengthen the bonds between different elements in the society and particularly with disadvantaged families and those with special needs.

Al Anoud Al Mohanadi, another active volunteer from ROTA, described her exceptional experience: “When we entered the house last week, we couldn’t imagine ourselves living in such a place. We all worked as a team with complete coordination to renovate the house according to our plans. Once completed, we could see the huge difference between the rooms of before and after. Though, I must admit that it was a laborious job, but the result was unbelievable. I am really happy that we did something of value to this family.”

Another colleague, Fatma Mohamed Al Manaai narrating her time at the renovation work said, “This was the first time for me to have a chance to work like laborers. The physical effort required to get furniture fixed or to paint walls was really demanding. This has been a truly learning experience for me. Henceforth if I see any worker doing physical labor under the scorching sun, I will not hesitate to offer him water.”

Reach Into Qatar project is in line with Rota’s strategic goal of developing high-impact, sustainable, quality, cost-effective and innovative programmes that are based on research, responding to changing environments and reflecting the real priorities of local communities.