Sweedish passenger busted carrying cocaine in leg castin Dubai Airport

A Swedish national has been detained in custody on drug smuggling charges after attempting to bring just over six kilos of cocaine into Dubai.

Gulf News reported that the passenger, who had concealed several pouches of cocaine in a leg cast, was stopped by a suspicious policeman at Dubai Airport’s Terminal 3.

After patting the suspect down, the policeman asked the 49-year-old Swede to provide a medical report for his cast, at which point the defendant tried to run away.

When detained by the policeman, it is alleged that the passenger attempted to bribe the officer with $100.

“We accompanied him to a private search room… there it was discovered that he had hidden the cocaine in five plastic pouches and wrapped them in the cast,” the police officer told Dubai’s Court of First Instance, according to Gulf News.

“There were four pieces of cast around his legs except for around the knee area to allow him to walk freely. Surprisingly, the suspect took out $100 and told me to ‘take it’. We took him to the airport’s clinic where his medical check-up confirmed that his legs were not broken.”

Prosecutors have charged the passenger with smuggling and the possession of cocaine with intent to supply. The Swede has denied the charges, and a ruling will be heard soon. Arabian Business