TAFAWOQ gathers Qatar’s project management community


Mid-year community event explores challenges to managing contractors
Mid-year community event explores challenges to managing contractors

TAFAWOQ, a world-class Project Management Centre of Excellence focusing on developing the competencies of project managers to deliver Qatar’s extraordinary capital investment projects, brought together members of Qatar’s project management community under one roof to have a thought-provoking discussion on managing contractors who deliver Qatar’s large scale infrastructure projects. The mid-year ‘Project Management Community Event’ was hosted by TAFAWOQ’s Joint Steering Committee, which includes partners Qatar Petroleum, Hamad bin Khalifa University and Qatar Shell.

The event was opened by a welcome speech from Bader Al Jaidah, Operations Manager of TAFAWOQ, who stressed how TAFAWOQ continues to play a major role in developing project management competencies based on industry best practices.  Al Jaidah stated, “TAFAWOQ creates a platform for sharing information and transferring knowledge. It also lays the foundation for a professional project management community – and this is why we are gathered here tonight, to network, share information and discuss solutions.”

TAFAWOQ holds bi-annual events to explore challenging issues that could impact Qatar’s development. At this mid-year Community Event, the discussions focused on “How to Ensure Contractors’ Performance in Complex Projects,” and featured keynote presentations by world-class experts from industry and academia.  Herman Veenhuis, TAFAWOQ’s Development Manager, moderated the session that shed light on best practices when dealing with contractors for capital projects.

The discussion followed on from speeches by Saad Al Muhannadi, Technical Director, QP and Chairman of TAFAWOQ’s Joint Steering Committee and Dr. Khalid Al Khanji, Vice President, Student Affairs at HBKU and Member of TAFAWOQ’s Joint Steering Committee.

Saad Al Muhannadi, Chairman of TAFAWOQ’s Joint Steering Committee and Technical Director, QP said:

” During year 2013 and beyond, Qatar’s planned expenditures and investments on Road and Transportation infrastructures, deep water Sea Port, and state-of-art Stadiums for the 2022 World Cup, are significant.

As a lead player in the region, Qatar Petroleum’s outstanding track record in managing and executing major Oil & Gas projects and large Infrastructures, supported by a robust project management system, reinforce and strengthen this important project management initiative. “

TAFAWOQ’s learning programme will be expanded this year with a dedicated course titled “Effective Project Contracting” that will cover contract management based on best practices from the industry. It will also share lessons learned from world-scale projects on the development of contracting strategies and tactics to effectively manage project risks.

Dr. Khalid Al Khanji, Vice President, Student Affairs at HBKU and a member of TAFAWOQ’s Joint Steering Committee, expressed his confidence that HBKU, together with partners QP and Qatar Shell can turn TAFAWOQ into a regionally-recognised Project Management Centre of Excellence.“Hamad bin Khalifa University was established to hone national skills, whether in engineering, journalism, business administration or foreign policy,” Al Khanji stated. “And we are delighted to add skilled project management professionals to the multitude of graduates who leave us every year to help build Qatar’s economy and fulfil its National Vision.”

Rob Sherwin, Secretary of the Joint Steering Committee of TAFAWOQ and Qatar Shell’s General Manager Corporate Affairs, said in his closing remarks, “It is of prime importance to Shell, wherever we operate in the world, that we contribute to the communities in which we operate. When I look around me at what has been achieved here today, it is heartening to see the dawning of a project management community, networking, contributing and sharing knowledge that will ultimately have a positive and sustainable impact on Qatar’s development goals in line with QNV 2030.”

TAFAWOQ’s method of education is based on the Shell Project Academy’s ‘Pentagon model’, which is an internationally recognised and accredited programme that ensures that project professionals receive executive education and training opportunities. TAFAWOQ’s participants gain valuable experience from accomplished and recognized project management professionals using virtual learning, work based activities and face-to-face training, in addition to coaching, mentoring and networking.

Reported by: Caye Global News, Gulf Times


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