Tawteen Investment Opportunities Receive 1500 Applications

Qatar Petroleums localization initiative “Tawteen” launched on 18 February 2019, had a large participation of official bodies and entities, energy sector companies, and a wide spectrum of service providers and supporting industries.

Tawteen received a significant turnout of around 1500 applications through its investor portal from local investors and global leading suppliers for about 100 new investment opportunities it offers in various fields including engineering services, maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO), digital technologies, subsurface operations, chemicals and metals, as well as light equipment, business services & other services across the energy sector supply chain.

Applications are currently under review by Tawteens dedicated evaluation team. Tawteen will respond to accepted applicants to proceed with the next stage of the pre-tendering process in the fourth quarter 2019.

The success of Tawteens earlier phases is a crucial step in actualizing the vision of Qatar Petroleum towards a resilient localized supply chain, economic diversification and self-reliance. The evaluation of the submission and award of opportunities to selected investors is undertaken based on a robust governance process that is designed to ensure fair competition between all interested investors.

The award of such opportunities is planned to commence in the first quarter of 2020.

The investment opportunities are only one aspect of Tawteens efforts intended to increase the local capabilities in services and light manufacturing supporting the energy sector.

Qatar Petroleum is committed to contribute to a better future by meeting todays economic needs, while safeguarding our environment and resources for generations to come.

Thriving on innovation and excellence, Qatar Petroleum is bound to the highest levels of sustainable human, socio-economic, and environmental development.