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The World of Energy LibraryAll essential information you need in a workable, detailed and explanatory framework. The library contains the fundamentals about global energy sources, energy reserves, oil and gas, energy economics, energy transportation, energy global security, green energy and renewable resources, nuclear energy, future energy…

An important role for the ‘’The World of Energy’’ is to support formal education in Schools, Colleges, Universities. This library offers engaging ways for everyone to build their knowledge and skills across a broad range of energy subjects. You can find all essential information you need in a very workable, detailed and explanatory framework.

In the World of Energy, you will also find the fundamentals about hydrocarbons, oil and gas (genesis system), exploration and drilling, production plan, petrochemicals, energy supply & consumption, LNG chain & management, energy contracts & margins, pricing energy, trading energy, energy economics, project finance, energy transportation, shipping, storage energy, energy global security, energy efficiency, green energy & renewable resources, nuclear energy, future energy, climate change, carbon emission, CO2 trading.

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[button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”] Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals[/button][button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”]Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals[/button][button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”]The Secret World of Energy[/button][button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”]Future Energy & Climate Change[/button][button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”]Oil-Gas Exploration & Drilling[/button][button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”]Pricing Energy[/button][button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”]Oil & Gas Transportation[/button][button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”]Hydrocarbons[/button][button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”]The LNG Chain[/button][button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”]Energy Geopolitics[/button][button link=”” color=”theme” size=”small”]Energy Project Finance[/button] all the above publications are now available on these stores:

The Secret World of EnergyBuy the Book on HiveThe World of Energy Library

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