The Greek Energy Minister, Dr. Seetharaman and Dr. Theodore met in Athens …

Doha, Qatar – Qatar Gulf News, July 9th 2016.  The Minister of Environment and Energy, HE Panos Skourletis, met with Managing Director of DOHA BANK GROUP HE Dr. Raghavan Seetharaman and the CEO of QCIP Dr. Theodore Theodoropoulos, presence of partners on both sides. The meeting, which took place in a very friendly atmosphere, the enlargement prospects of the Group were discussed in the energy sector, both in Greece and in the wider Mediterranean region, with emphasis on natural gas to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and renewable energy sources for long-term investments.

panos-skourletisThe Minister of Environment and Energy, HE Panos Skourletis

The main basis of discussion was the emergence of Greece into an energy hub, consistently upgrading the role of the country as an energy “bridge” between Europe and third countries, utilizing the energy sources from Qatar,  RASGAS, QCIP and QATARGAS.
HE the Minister found in principle favorable timing of the meeting to evaluate the Greek economy has been successfully completed and opened a new period of growth for the country. He referred also to the very good relations between the two countries and noted that Greece is positive toward mutually beneficial agreements and partnerships that strengthen the objective of energy security, the multiplicity of sources and routes, combating energy poverty and reducing energy costs both for domestic consumers and for the Greek enterprises.


The Managing Director of DOHA BANK GROUP, HE Dr. Raghavan Seetharaman

Mr. Skourletis extensively analyzed the energy policy of the government to the objective of energy hub – that collects and the interest of foreign investors; who formed in principle with the start of the TAP natural gas pipeline, and the development of a pipeline grid and terminals that can interact with each other. This is the Greece gas pipeline – Bulgaria IGB for the LNG terminal installation plan in Alexandroupoli to the existing Terminal Revithoussa already extended to other projects which are under study and treatment. Particular reference was made in the context of support for RES, which is remodeled in order to align with the realities of the market and the economy. The contacts between the two sides are expected to resume as the Greek economy is becoming more stable, one of the main investors sought. QP has already expressed its interest to invest in RES energy in Greece and expend its current portfolio from 125MW (the acquisition of a power plant – thermal power in 2014) to 500MW with wind farms.

Both Dr. Seetharaman and Dr. Theodore agreed that is the right time to prepare the ground for a successful cooperation between Qatar and Greece with respect on the highest principles of credibility and trust on solidarity perspective across LNG supply chain, reneuables and food business.

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