The Qatari fountain show on the Corniche…

The fountain show on the Corniche with its colourful water display  synchronised  with music is becoming a huge draw, one of the organisers of the Qatar Summer Festival told Gulf Times.

A senior official of one of the companies involved in the show said they had installed 118 pumps and LED lights on a 200-m floating unit from the Al Mourjan restaurant to entertain spectators.

It is learnt that some 23 tonnes of equipment had been shipped to Qatar for the fountain show. It is part of the festival organised by the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA).

“People are getting to know about it. We  expect a big crowd on Thursday and Friday night,” he said.

The team, which is in charge of the installation, started setting up the equipment two weeks ago and rehearsals were held prior to the launching on August 4.

According to the QTA, the “fountain show” runs from 6pm to 11pm during weekdays and from 7pm to 12 midnight during weekends.

Five different music tracks are played to complement the colourful water display. QTA and its partner companies have jointly selected these tracks, according to the source.

Similar multi-media shows such as laser light, fountain and even fireworks had been held in Katara – the Cultural Village during past celebrations, attracting hundreds of spectators. These included the Turkish Festival and other events in the past years. Some of the spectators described the fountain show as one of the “best attractions set up on a unique ‘U’ shape venue because of its appeal and popularity”.

“I think it is one of the best entertainment concepts I have seen and a brilliant idea to bring to Qatar,” said a Qatari, who took photos and videos of the show with his family.

He hopes to see similar shows on the Corniche and in other places in Qatar during future celebrations. “Children love to see the water dancing.”

Besides visiting  the fountain show, many families are  expected to tour the Entertainment City at the Doha Exhibition Centre (DEC) during the weekend.

QTA has organised various games, activities and programmes in the 10,000sqm indoor facility that cater to all ages from extreme sports for adults to soft play areas for kids.

People can ride in a free shuttle service from the Q-Post office to DEC from 3pm to 10pm on weekdays and 2pm to 11pm on weekends. The festival ends on September 27. Source: Gulf Times