This is QATAR! 7 million Syrian displaced & refugees and 50 million people across Africa benefit from Qatar charitable projects

QATAR deserves to have only good friends.

Seven (7) Million Syrian Displaced and Refugees benefit from Qatar Charitable Projects. The Aids have included all the basic and necessary elements of shelter, food, drugs, and education. Out of the shelter projects, 760,776 hardest-hit people have benefited, out of food, 3,991,000 million population has benefited, out of health, 1,936,386 million people have benefited, and out of education, 394,905 people have benefited

…by Dr. Theodore Theodoropoulos, Active Member of QATAR CHARITY and Founder of AHLEN FOUNDATION

Out of the biggest shelter projects, Al Rayyan City and Al Doha Charitable City at the Turkish-Syrian borders, each of which includes 1000 housing units. 7,083,517 million hardest-hit people out of Syrian displaced and refugees have benefited from Qatar Charitable Relief Projects, where its total costs amounted to 322 million rials during the period from April 2011 through September 2015/16.

7 million Syrians and 50 million Africans benefit from Qatar charitable projects… HH Sheikh Tamim, The EMIR and LEADER of THE STATE OF QATAR

As a result of the critical circumstances the population lives there, 67 % out of these aids has been addressed to the internal Syrian community in a cost that amounted to about 213,063,000 million rials, while the rest percentage has been addressed to the refugees in the neighboring countries, especially Lebanon in a percentage of 18% which amounts to 58,272,000 million rials, Jordan in a percentage of 8% which means an amount about 26,889,000 million rials, Turkey in a percentage of 5,5% which amounts to about 19,000,000 million rials, and the percentage of 1,5% which amounts to 4,500,000 million rials has been distributed between Iraq and other countries that have Syrian refugees living in.

Since the start of the crisis, the Qatar Charitable projects implemented for the interest of the Syrian people have included the following programs: shelter in an amount of 120,214,000 million rials, food in an amount of 102,561,000 million rials, health which amounted to a total cost off 68,214,000 million rials, and education in an amount of 30,755,000 million rials.

The size of Qatar Charitable projects for the interest of the Syrian people has made it possible that Qatar Charitable get the first record worldwide at the level of Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organizations in relieving the Syrian people, according to the Financial Tracking System (FTS) of the International Relief Aids related to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs “ OCHA” 2014. Additionally, 50 million people across Africa benefit from Qatar charitable projects

Alleviation and Consolation

Mr. Yusuf Ben Ahmad Al Kuwari, the Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Charitable said that these projects are implemented in the context of Qatar Charitable continuous endeavor to alleviate the Syrian brothers’suffering, and to help them overcome the suffering caused by the ongoing crisis in Syria since more than four years, adding that these aids have included all the basic and necessary elements from shelter, food, drugs, and education.

Mr. Kuwari, has indicated that Qatar Charitable has targeted all hardest-hit Syrian people, yet, the displaced group living inside Syria is one of the first targets and most important, therefore, Qatar Charitable is focusing on helping it, and is doing its utmost effort to approach it, where Mr. Al Kuwari has made it sure that the crisis is going on, the tragedy becomes aggravated, and Winter is about to come with the suffering getting more cruel.



Al Kuwari has also added that Qatar Charitable would leave no stone unturned to approach the Syrian brothers, and console them in every financial and spiritual way possible, in order to alleviate their suffering and closely communicate with them, paying attention to the fact that supporting the Syrian people is continuous until it overcomes its suffering, making it clear that whoever sees the reality of the Syrian brothers, displaced and refugees, would never postpone and wait before giving them a hand of help.


Qatar Charitable has focused on food as the basic life substrate, where the food materials caravans have been sent to inside Syria, in addition to distributing the basic catering materials’ parcels, distributing flour, operating a number of stoves and kitchens, and funding projects for implanting potatoes and wheat, therein, the total costs of food projects amount to 102,561,000 million rials, out of which, 2,991,000 hardest-hit people have benefited from the Syrian crisis, most of which are displaced inside Syria, in addition to some refugees at the Turkish borders.

Out of these food projects, is the “Mobile Stove” inside Syria for which its construction and operation costs have exceeded 3,000,000 million rials during 6 months, and it produces 60,000 thousands loaves daily.


Qatar Charitable has been able within the shelter program, to establish villages and housing cities made beforehand, with their premises for the interest of displaced, in addition to establishing the housing units, and distributing clothes, blankets, fire-places and fire fuel.

The number of housing units established until now, or about to be completed has amounted to 2500 units, out of the biggest projects in this program are Al Rayyan City and the Charitable Doha City at the Turkish-Syrian borders, each of which includes 1000 housing units, these are exceptional with being friend to the environment, and they have all needed supplies of mosques, school classes, sewage system, health points and playgrounds for the children, where the shelter projects costs amounted to 120,214,000 million rials for the interest of 760,776 million people.


At the health projects program, Qatar Charitable have concentrated mainly on establishing and operating hospitals, injured and patients treatment fund, in addition to providing the medical supplies, and ambulance cars, where Al Amal Hospital has been established and operated for the Syrian refugees in the South of Turkey, the Medical Fund for the Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Artificial Limbs, the Qatari Treatment Fund for the Syrian Injured in Jordan, as well as establishing a Children Psychiatric Center , and funding its activities.

The total costs of health projects implemented by Qatar Charitable for the Syrian people have amounted to 68,214,000 million rials, out of which 1,936,386 million people have benefited from, among refugees and displaced.


The aids provided by Qatar Charitable to the Syrian people in education program have included education, as the refugee and displaced need for it acts as their need to food, health, and shelter while education acts as a protection for the coming generations from ignorance and loss, it also provides them with an opportunity to change their reality and their families’ reality to the best.

In this context, schools have been established, refurbished , and operated, educational curricula have been printed out, where more than 1,704,000 million books have been printed at a cost that amounted to 8,4 million rials, classes have also been opened for eradication of Illiteracy , and Quran education seminars, and other useful and purposeful projects, where the education projects costs amounted to 30,755,000 million rials, out of which 394,905 million people have benefited among refugees and displaced.


QATAR Charity in Somalia   …Ahlen Foundation in Kenya

A delegation from Qatar Charity (QC) headed by Sheikh Hamad bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Thani has visited Somalia to observe the worsening humanitarian situation there. QC has launched several relief projects in Somalia and met with the Prime Minister of Somalia and other officials.

The delegation included: Jasem Aljasem, the adviser to the Executive Manager of QC, Mansour Dafaa, an adviser of International Arbitration and a member of the General Assembly of QC, Ahmed Saleh Alali, QC’s Media Manager, Nayef Alanzy, and other media contributors including: Abdellah Anzy, Ahmed Abdellah, Sayed Hussam Rowhy, Abdullah Helali, and from Marsal Qatar network Yaseen Harsi. After observing the Somalis’ difficult conditions of living, Qatar Charity’s delegation launched a number of important humanitarian projects including opening a kitchen that will serve 7,000 people and launching of an artesian well that will provide drinking water for about 4,000 in drought-devastated areas.

Sheikh Hamad bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Thani pointed out that the recent surge of drought has an effect on all aspects of life in Somalia. It has caused a loss of livestock that farmers relied on for daily needs, and people take refuge at shelters at cities so that they could find minimal safety and stay alive. Detailing more on the humanitarian condition in Somalia, Aljasem said: “It is in fact a catastrophe, unbelievable thing. There is a gloomy and heart breaking situation, it is a fact. Nobody could imagine the existence of people living in such situation. Somalians have been suffering for three years because of drought and this is what made the living conditions unbearable. Thousands of families had to take refuge at other areas so that they could have some food or a sip of water. Those who couldn’t make it are among the dead.”Sayed Mansour Aldafe, the international arbitrary adviser and the General Assembly member of Qatar Charity said, “We visited the place so that we could carry their massage and need to Qataris. After observation, we ask the good people of Qatar to help their brothers and sisters in Somalia, and to do it fast. Anything could help; excavating wells or provide food and medicine.”

As the crisis continues in the midst of lack of basic needs, more help and efforts are needed. Qatar Charity calls for donors to continue their support to save Somalia. People of Qatar can continue their support through various contributions such as QR100 for providing water, QR300 for food basket and QR500 for providing medical services. One can also donate using SMS to the number 92632 to donate QR50, to the number 92642 to donate QR200, or to the number 92428 for QR500. One can also donate via e-mail at, or via the hotline; 44667711, or through collection points and self-service machines of QC at malls.

In Ahlen Foundation, we equip and empower children and young people for a brighter future through provision, protection and preparation, ensuring that they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and make a difference in their families and communities. Today’s world faces global challenges, which require global solutions. These interconnected global challenges call for far-reaching changes in how we think and act for the dignity of fellow human beings. It is not enough for education to produce individuals who can read, write and count. Education must be transformative and bring shared values to life. It must cultivate an active care for the world and for those with whom we share it. Education must fully assume its central role in helping people to forge more just, peaceful, tolerant and inclusive societies.

Another God-inspired day in Kenya. This afternoon and tonight we had the privilege to share with the beautiful, lovely children in a party at The Salvation Army Kabete Children’s Home in Nairobi. The home provides a place of safety for children, many of whom are orphans. Kabete caters for 65 children aged 3 to 18 years.  Remember, the best place for the child is with his or her family, so if not …what’s next? Let’s work together to Give a Child a Future…