What About the GCC Security Research Award Launched in Qatar?

An introductory lecture on the Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Award for Security Research, launched by the secretariat-general of the GCC states, was held at Qatar University’s Ibn Khaldun Hall recently.

Major Mohamed Rabia al-Kowari, member of the award committee and director of the security strategic studies centre, presented the highlights of the award and the topics addressed in the previous years.
The theme for 2015 is “Cybercrime in Gulf society and how to combat it”.

He said the award, established by the Interior Ministers of GCC member-states, is open to citizens who can share their thoughts and suggestions on how to solve security problems based on scientific studies and research.

Major al-Kowari said the award is aimed to encouraging researchers and specialists from GCC countries to conduct research in the field of security and develop awareness through studies that contribute to strengthening co-operation and integration of security to maintain stability in the GCC region.

He said the 2015 award covers topics such as cybercrime – causes and effects, facts about cybercrimes and the means of facing them in the GCC, the best regional and global anti-cybercrime techniques, details of the implementation of programmes for the prevention and reduction of crime, methods of assessment and the impact of social networking sites on the GCC community.

Major al-Kowari said candidates from national, Ahlia and government universities, other higher educational establishments, security and police colleges of the GCC Interior Ministries and security-related research centres can participate in the research award.

The candidates should be citizens of GCC countries and have the necessary educational qualification and experience in conducting research.

The award, worth 1mn Saudi riyals, will be given in three categories: best individual scientific research selected by the secretariat-general, best scientific publication on security published from universities and best scientific publication from police institutes and research and study centres in the GCC. Gulf Times