Where do hydrocarbons (Oil & Gas) come from? …by Dr. Theodore

What is Oil and Gas Hydrocarbon?

How does it form?

These are all good questions, but some of the answers are not quite so simple. The following will provide insights into the issues raised by these questions, and hopefully

a better understanding of the industry that supplies so much of our energy needs. The origin of the Hydrocarbon began several million years ago when much of what is today dry land was covered by water. In those days, the Earth’s seas, lakes and marshes were home to minute plants and animals. Hydrocarbons formed by the living organisms (fishes, animals, birds and plants) long time ago.


Where do hydrocarbons come from?

The Formation of Oil & Gas Fields

Accumulations of oil and gas – the fields – exist underground almost everywhere in the world. But, all the same, it is necessary that certain conditions are in place for those accumulations to develop. What is known as “the genesis of oil”follows seven funda mental steps, each one equally essential and above all very slow.

 ”Hydrocarbon is an organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon. Basically their molecules are made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms, hence the name “hydrocarbons” in which are fossil biomasses”.

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