Why has Bosnia welcomed refugees with open arms?

‘Solidarity, understanding, humanity’ welcome refugees in Bosnia In a country with limited resources, Bosnians have been providing humanitarian assistance to migrants and refugees.

Velika Kladusa, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Unlike in other European countries, where protests against migrants and refugees have been taking place in recent years, Bosnians see their arrival as a test of humanity, having been in a similar situation in the early 1990s when war ravaged their country.

Bosnian Emir Mustedanagic (2nd R) voluntarily shares his own home in Velika Kladusa with three migrant families

More than 14,000 have arrived in Bosnia so far this year, compared to just 755 in 2017. The migrants say they want to seek refuge in Western Europe. Asim Latic is just one of many Bosnians that have been stepping up, providing humanitarian assistance to migrants stranded in Bosnia, a country that is still recovering from the war and has little resources of its own.