Why ‘’hyper yacht” concept is still in the design phase?

Three years in and this “hyper yacht” concept is still in the design phase. But now The Streets of Monaco is going for less than a third of its original asking price.

Although the luxury vessel is not yet cruising the open waters, the meticulous and overzealous design is too outrageous to ignore.

The Streets of Monaco is looking for an owner that can’t get enough of the real city-state. It mimics Monaco’s key landmarks including Hotel de Paris, Prince’s Palace, Port Hercule, La Rascasse, Café de Paris and even an exact replica of the world renowned Monaco racetrack, F1 Circuit complete with go-cart replicas.

Other onboard toys include, a helipad, mini-submarine, speedboats, jet skis, swimming pools, tennis courts, BBQ facilities, a mini waterfall, cafe bar with underwater views and cinema.

The interior of the ship spreads over three floors, all of which have their own set of amenities: a grand fireplace, double heighted ceilings, office, master suite, private courtyard, sunrooms and a private sun-deck, Jacuzzi and swimming pool.

The centrepiece of The Streets of Monaco is The Atrium, which links the upper and lower living areas. The Atrium has seven guest suites which all include their own reception room, bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and balcony. The owner’s main apartment is an amazing 4,800sq ft.

In total, the four-deck 155 metre vessel would be capable of housing 16 guests and 70 crew and would cost the owner tens of millions to run each year. But for now, the gargantuan yacht needs at least $405 million to see the light of day. Source: Arabian Business