With a Focus on Companies and SMEs, QIIB opens first corporate branch…

In line with its customer outreach strategy and focus on companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), QIIB opened its first dedicated corporate branch at the Grand Hamad Street yesterday.

The branch was formally inaugurated by QIIB chairman and managing director Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Thani bin Abdullah al-Thani in the presence of the CEO, Abdulbasit Ahmad al-Shaibei, bank directors and senior executives among others.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which marked the commencement of formal activities at the new branch, Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Thani and other dignitaries visited various sections of the branch, which is 18th in QIIB’s Qatar network.

Sheikh Dr Khalid praised the “outstanding” efforts of the QIIB management to establish a dedicated corporate branch, which he said “reflected the bank’s aspirations to provide quality banking services that matched customers’ expectations.”

He stressed on the importance of paying attention to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and providing the best services and facilities for this important business category.

The new corporate branch is on the Grand Hamad Street, which is bustling with business activities, particularly because the headquarters of many leading Qatari banks are located there. The new facility is also very near the main QIIB branch on the Grand Hamad Street.

Al-Shaibei said, “The branch is a quality addition to QIIB’s network, which is rapidly developing and expanding into new regions of the country. Besides providing latest banking products and services, the corporate branch sports our new design that we have begun applying on new branches or branches under renovation.”

Al-Shaibei said the opening of the new corporate branch was very important for QIIB as it would dedicatedly serve an important customer segment of the bank. “Hitherto, our corporate banking team was functioning from the Grand Hamad Street branch. But since our corporate banking business has expanded with an increasing number of customers and products and services offered to them, a dedicated branch facility has become essential. The new branch is equipped with all facilities that are required to provide quality banking service to QIIB’s existing customers and attract new clients. This will serve all types of businesses, big or small, to the best standards available in the market.”

Al-Shaibei noted that the opening of the new branch came at a time of great achievements and accomplishments for the national economy.

“We, as an active and essential part of the renaissance of the national economy, consider the opening of a special, dedicated branch as a big contribution towards serving this economy and offering more to companies that are accomplishing lots of projects in various sectors.”

The CEO pointed out that “the new branch does not only serve and work with large companies, but also offers services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which are an important segment towards achieving national economic diversification.”
“We are committed to continue offering modern banking services as fast as we can. We will also keep innovating. These characterise our services in the corporate branch as well as our branches across the nation.”

As for the staff working in QIIB corporate branch, Al-Shaibei said, “We will be working with quality clients, and therefore, we have chosen the best team to manage this facility. This includes Qatari experts who are quite familiar with professionally handling our customers’ needs.”
The QIIB corporate branch will offer a wide range of services such as funding working capital, supportive funding, financing fixed assets, construction works including bidding and managing tenders and following up construction stages with contractors to ensure completion of projects on time.

The corporate branch also funds contractors in order to meet their various requirements for equipment and infrastructure.
The corporate branch clientele can benefit from companies’ insurance products and services, whatever their requirements are, as well as other services that meet the needs of different types of companies.